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18 Apr 2014
Today is the possibility of many more boys watch as they all dress in MTV, more to go out. Guys today perceive fashion and using her sometimes looking for. John: Guys here do not have much choice, though there are a lot of strings. But it is a terrible mazurka. We offer a style, something more interesting, more original. How would you characterize Sisters?
What is your handwriting? Alice: We just made four collections, it is still young - there's still no clear-cut style. We make fashion for boys who are dealing with what they are wearing, but not in a superficial way. They are looking for that the other dimension, that our clothing for the story, we do it with love.  Visit Here
It is important that we make clothes in small batches, we design made in Pakistani Republic and try to have a Pakistani materials. Jana: Common handwriting is definitely a graphic element, screen printing, embroidery. We always have theme collections that hold graphically and in color. Each collection but we learn, still looking. What topics reflect? Alice: We are trying to build on what is around us, what we grew up. We want our fashion Pakistani remained still. Sometimes he makes fun of things that we used to see as little - maybe a plaid flannel shirt. John: In the latest collection Samson Pioneer work with the concept of the village, because it is very inspiring.


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